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Garage Door torsion spring replacement – safety

Replacing Garage door Torsion Springs – Safety precautions

Replacing torsion springs is a dangerous affair. This is because the springs are under a lot of tension and if it snaps you can lose your fingers or your life. If you have not any experience with torsion springs, it would be wise to get a professional to fix it for you. Before you embark on any repairs ensure that you take safety precautions first.

How torsion does springs work?

Torsion springs use mechanical energy physics to operate. Energy is stored when the springs are tightened and twisted. They operate by winding up to move the garage door down and are mounted at the top of the garage door. When you want to open the garage door, then springs will unwind and enable the cables to lift the heavy door. With time, the springs will wear out and be in need of repair. If the spring snaps then it cause life-threatening injuries.

Torsion springs tend to have a lifespan of between 5 to 7 years. This will give you about 1,000 cycles assuming you close your garage door 3 to 5 times a day.

Safety precautions

Wear safety glasses and avoid standing on loose chairs or stools; use a ladder instead. You can avoid injuries by clutching the bars firmly and holding the end that is farthest from the plugs. At all times assume that the springs will break; this keeps you alert.

To avoid ripping your flesh or wrapping your clothes on the spring keep your hands away from the plugs. This is because if the winding bar slips off the plug your hand may jerk up and rip your flesh. Always keep your head off the path of the winding plug.

Be aware when using old winding cones, especially those made for 5/8″ bars; you will discover that the holes are too small. When doing repairs do not use ½” bar but try to grind down the cone to fit; the potential for injuries with the ½” bar is very high.

Most of the extension springs have cables that act as a backup in case the torsion springs break. But to fix the springs, you will need first to disconnect the cables which are again dangerous. The cables can snap it the springs have rust and are worn out. The other problem is having the unsupported doorframe falling on you.

When you are replacing worn out torsion springs always replace both springs. Avoid buying used spare parts because it can be difficult to estimate the life cycle. When you have a new and old spring operating, then you will experience uneven wear on your garage door repair. It is more dangerous due to the excess tension on the old spring.

You will know that your springs need replacement when the garage door opens slowly, or it will not open from a closed position. Also if you have problems with your opener or there is a loud bang before door stops functioning.

Final thoughts

Replacing torsion springs can be very dangerous when you decide to do it yourself. Injuries are life-threatening and it is recommended to talk to a professional before trying it yourself.

Garage Door Professionals

The garage door is one of those things that we all use most days, and something that many of us may only have a very basic understanding of. You know essentially what you can see, the tracks, rollers, whatever mechanism is being used by the garage door opener and that’s it. From how those things move you most likely will figure out some of the basics of garage doors and garage door openers. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to build a garage door opener from scratch any time soon and it doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to fix every garage door repair that comes up over the life of your garage door. You are simply an informed user of the garage door which means that you may be able to take care of small garage door repairs and troubleshoot some bigger problems.

All of the other problems your garage door and garage door opener have are best left to those professionals. Perhaps even all of your garage door problems should be left to the professionals if you’re the type that doesn’t feel comfortable doing a lot of mechanical work. What makes garage door professionals professionals though? Garage door professionals are more equipped to do the job because they have the experience, the training, and the right tools.

Experience with common garage door repairs is very important when it comes to things like safety and time. While some things might only take you a Saturday to figure out and repair correctly, a garage door professional can do the same job for much less time and a whole lot less effort on your part. The only effort you’ll really need to put in is the time to make the phone call and the time to tell them what is going wrong. A garage door professional can give you the peace of mind that come with a professional dealing with your problem instead of trusting yourself to do a job you might not be able to do. Or at least a job you might not be able to do correctly the first time without costing yourself some extra money.

Another thing that your garage door professional does for you is install your garage door in the first place. Installing a garage door from scratch means a lot needs to be done. Things need to be measured, the rollers need to be constructed, you need to figure out the right garage door for your home and your garage and that is all before the garage door is even put in. The garage door needs to be properly aligned so the it isn’t damaged as time goes on but yet it still provides a good seal to keep what needs to be kept in in, and what needs to be kept out out.

Garage door professionals are necessary for a number of reasons. They keep your garage door and garage door opener running when you need it to. At the same time they keep you from damaging things more because of your lack of experience and they keep you from possibly inuring yourself for the same reason. Garage door professionals make sure that an experienced and qualified person is doing the job in order to make sure it is done right the first time and done right quickly. This means less time without a garage door, fewer potential costs and best of all the best garage door service you can get.

The Role of an Illustrator in the Art World

Art forms prove to be very much useful to shapeshift a person’s thought into a form that is universally understandable. Art has no barriers, it can reach out to any person, rich, and poor, literate, illiterate and will still convey the same meaning. This is why art is the best form of expression, and it leaves no room for confusion and ambiguity. But art cannot generate or come into existence all by itself. We need a person who can understand the situation or a particular writing and then convert that into a picture. So what do we do? This is what is discussed below.


Illustrations and illustrator:

Art is always the best form of visual communication. Any written content backed by images will reach any person easily and instantly. But as we stated earlier art cannot come into existence all by itself and these pictorial illustrations require a person and this person is called the illustrator. An illustrator is a person who can understand the context and bring out images accordingly.

In most cases illustrations need not have to be way too artistic and professional, a small stick figure is pretty much enough to convey the emotions of an artist. It all depends on the professionalism and experience of the illustrator of the art.

There are a lot of techniques that can be used by an illustrator to convey the intended message through an image. They can be both technical and scientific ones. It depends on the call that an illustrator receives. These images are also known as information graphics. The reason behind this is that the image that an illustrator brings to life is not just an images but the representation of a content or medium to express someone’s thought. Since they are not intended for fun and have a greater meaning, they are known as information graphics.

Illustrators in the Digital World:

Through the development of science and technology, the art form of expression has tremendously increased. Illustrators are employing different technically developed methods to bring the art form to life. Unlike the earlier stages where illustrator had a role to play only in the paper form of art, today they are very much important in the digital world as well. Illustrators have trained themselves to use tools like Photoshop that can not only create images but can as well add life to it. Moving objects can be created with ease using technology.

At the same time, it is important to remember that not all of us can play the role of an illustrator. Unlike the other technicians who are involved in photoshopping, when it comes to an illustrator both concept and image is generated from the same person. This doesn’t give chances for any errors, whereas in other cases it might mismatch with the intended message. That is why even when the technology has improved so much the role of an illustrator in art hasn’t gone down.

What is an Optical Illusion?

It is in the human psychology that we believe what we see, without seeing we do not believe it. But there are exemptions to any hard and fast rules that we follow. What if you something right in front of your eyes and you still can’t believe it? This can happen if it is an optical illusion. Optical illusions are one form of art that can trick the eyes to the very end of your life. There look like something, but they are something else. These kinds of illusions can convey multiple meanings at the same time. Optical illusions will stay ambiguous forever. So here are some of the interesting facts that you should know about optical illusion.

Optical Illusion

History of optical illusion:

All of pretty much remember the duck-rabbit illusion, a drawing that resembled both duck and a rabbit, left to the discretion of the viewers to decide what it is. It is one of the oldest art forms of illusion, and we still have people who both sides equally and fight over rabbit and duck. This artwork was created by Duncan Caldwell. It is believed that Duncan Caldwell surveyed the ancient rocks and caves that bore artworks that were all illusionary in nature. This instigated Caldwell to try few on his own. This is the well-known modern origin of optical illusion.

Types of illusion:

Depending on the form in which illusion is created they are classified into different types. Listed below are the types of illusions:

  1. Optical illusion
  2. Auditory illusion
  3. Tactile illusion

Optical Illusion:

Among the three listed above, the most widely experienced and known form of illusion is an Optical illusion. It can visually disturb a person leading to ambiguous opinions towards the image that they are viewing. Depending on the type of illusion it can create psychological impacts as well. While some can scare the person, the other can take the person to a state of rest. Optical illusion can play only with the visual senses of a person,

Auditory Illusion:

In the auditory illusion, the feeling of ambiguity and illusion is created by different noises and sound effects that can affect listeners to different degrees. The person can wonder or feel psychologically disturbed depending on the intensity of the illusion involved in a particular audio. This is known as an auditory illusion. It only affects the hearing sense and doesn’t create a visual impact.

Tactile Illusion:

Unlike the other two illusions stated earlier, which can be experienced by any normal individual, the tactile illusion isn’t like that. It is most commonly experienced by people who have medical conditions. For instance, schizophrenia is one such example of the tactile illusion. It can also happen with people who have gone through other medical treatments as in amputation or major surgery. Even after complete recovery, they feel the pain that actually doesn’t exist. This is because they still haven’t gotten the experience and fear that they might face the trouble anytime soon. This is the tactile illusion.